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The Talent Test -- Ana Morgan
The Talent Test

Shifting Anthology
Shifting Magic

Trust Me Ana Morgan
Trust Me

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When she was still very small, Ana Morgan had two life goals. She wanted to fall deeply in love—and she wanted to know something about everything. Since then, she has studiously waitressed, driven a school bus, run craft service on indie film sets, wandered through European castles, studied the stars, wired a house, milked cows, canned vegetables,created twenty-four Secret Garden soup mixes, and married a Marine.

Ana is still pursuing her quest to learn something about everything, and being an author provides the perfect platform. She’salready studied 19th Century riverboats, modern photography, ski resort management, and ways people suffering from mental illness can be abused. For her next story, Ana is exploring the competitive world of plant breeding. No one has been able to breed a true-blue daylily. Her heroine, Tara Green, is about to.

Ana lives on an organic farm in northern Minnesota with her husband, a small herd of brood cows, geese Jonathan and Gloria, and two cats who think humans exist to let them in and out. Her children and grandchildren live close by, which makes her very happy.

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